Hey Friends~ I'm Ilee

~Also known as "mom" to my kids, "sis" to my brother, "babygirl" to my mom, and "ilee-lee" to my husband- Uriah (I refer to him as my "Cajun Man" as he was "Born on the Bayou" in Southern Louisiana.  

We live in "Colorful Colorado", he's been here for many years, and I'm a native.  We have three teenagers, and a crazy cat named Harley.

This blog will encompass all of my passions that I can't wait to share with you!

-Faith, Food, Lifestyle, Beauty!

 First, Faith-- God is my Everything, I give him the glory in all that I do, and I hope to share how having him in my life has enabled me to feel patience, kindness, and strength even when life has throne me a few nasty curve balls.  I hope that I can be an inspiration to you by sharing some of the lessons that I have learned and how to fully embrace the amazing life that He wants for all of us!

Food--Living with a Cajun man who can cook, well, let me tell you, it's awesome, he does most of the meal time entrees, and I clean up after him.  It's a good fit for us both.  I do like to bake, so I'll be sharing lots of cooking and baking tips and tricks, so stay tuned for those!

Wellness--I believe that health, wellness, and exercise are all important aspects of physically feeling good and staying young.  I am a Certified Yoga Instructor, but I have to tell you, I didn't become one for the reasons that most do, like to own a studio or teach classes, no, I did it because I needed an outlet, I found a place that allowed me to slow my mind and send my prayers, the beauty is I have pocketed these skills and use them to this day for my body strength and mental stability.  I will share lots of useful information on what wellness means to me and how you can apply it to.

Lifestyle--What is Foxy Lady Life you ask, well, it's a lifestyle.  It's where creativity and life collide! I hope this blog will showcase what being real is, not always perfect, sun not always shining and birds, not always chirping every day kind-- such is life, it has its ups and downs, and I'm here to offer a real reality not one of internet falsity.  I want to share the struggle, along with the special of everyday life, and I hope you as my reader can identify with a few of these things too! 

Beauty--Being a 40 something year old chic, who was close to being a true "beauty school drop-out" when I was a eighteen, but I somehow made it through Cosmetology school, am here to tell you, beauty is more than skin deep, even though I will be the first to sample a new eye cream or walnut foot scrub!  I can't wait to share some of my outlandish beauty tales, along with a few tricks of the trade that I learned during that particular chapter of my life!

Keep reading below to learn what makes me an expert in living a 

Foxy Lady Life!

My Story--I'll give you the short version because many of my blog posts will, I'm sure, be a living testimony to some of the amazing and outrageous stories of my life!

I grew up on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains, in a very small coal mining town. My parents were young, struggling, blue collar workers who had me and my little brother to tend to. My childhood was charmed, raised in the 80's with a neighborhood full of kids who rode bikes and built forts. I loved being a kid. 

 Fast forward to adulthood, I married a man from that small town, had two kids, and when I was 35 years old, I suffered a massive stroke, it was caused by birth control, I didn't see that one coming!  

I survived, but unfortunately, my marriage did not. We divorced and split everything, including time with our children. I worked hard to rebuild, but life as a single person/parent is hard.  

I eventually remarried, yep, to that Cajun guy, he proposed down on that exact bayou, we married and I added another kiddo to my world. Uriah makes me laugh, makes me happy and takes great care of his family.

As far as where I am with my life now, well, stay tuned--there will be plenty of insight and and fun to be had! But, in the meantime, here's just a few fun facts about me.

I'm a free spirited, artistic and creative chic- one who loves art, history, yoga, traveling, faith and my family!

~Favorite Season--Summer, I live for road trips and sunny days!

~Hobbies--Music and concerts are a few of my favorite things.

~More Hobbies--I'm a complete "bookworm" and love a good laugh!

~Location--Colorado, living in the "Mile High" City of Denver

~Eating Habits--Mostly "clean", but I do indulge in the good stuff too, I love chocolate!

~Ideal Vacation--Greece, it looks amazing, and my family is of Mediterranean Descent, so it's on my Bucket List

~Drink of Choice--Coffee, what can I say, I love a good cup of "Joe"

Basically I'm a green-eyed girl on a mission, to share my thoughts, ideas and inspirations with the world!

I created Foxy Lady Life as a place where my readers will find tutorials, recipes, tips, tricks, advice, reviews and inspiration for everyday living, along with creative ideas, beauty tips, lifestyle hacks, travel tips and a safe place for anyone to share their thoughts and ideas too. Hold on tight, we're going for a ride!

I'm so happy you stopped by, I look forward to connecting with you and sharing more!

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Ilee DeSoto


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