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CBD Oil For Stroke--Information That I Wish I Would Have Known

Did you know that strokes are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States and that it is also the leading cause of disability for adults in the America? 

Yet, research has shown that many people do not know what a stroke is, what to do if someone is having one, or how to prevent one in the first place.

In this article I plan to share with you what a stroke is, how to recognize the signs of someone who is having one, how to help prevent one, how CBD oil can help with prevention and recovery, along with my own personal story, so stay tuned.

My Personal Story--Having A Stroke At The Age Of 35

Well, let me start with the details that lead up to my own true history of having a stroke at the age of 35. 

I was working full time, married, and raising two young children. 

My life wasn't exactly charming.....it was the daily grind of trying to keep everyone clothed, feed, happy and healthy. 

My then husband and I were arguing, bills were piling up, and I was working full time while running back and forth, picking up my kiddos from daycare to home, grabbing groceries and trying to make life a little calmer.

In the meantime, we decided that we weren't ready for any more children, and so I decided to talk to my doctor about birth control, she prescribed me with the "latest and greatest" selling me on a new product with all of its features and benefits; like not having to worry about a monthly cycle, reduced acne, ease of hormones, claiming it to be simple, safe, and convenient, etc, etc, etc. 

It sounded great, but I had always been a "natural chic", so taking this new drug didn't really feel right, but I went along and decided that trying it out wouldn't hurt.........three months later............that's when unfortunately it did.

I was at home when the stroke happened, all I remember is feeling almost "high" and I then I fell to the ground, my then husband picked me up, the left side of my body was completely unusable. 

I couldn't talk, and in my mind, I was kind of freaking out, and I felt trapped.

He put me in the car and raced me to the hospital, it was all a blur to me, later they told me that I had suffered a massive stroke on the brain steam, they determined the cause to be from the birth control, yep, the one that was recently subscribed and  that I had been taking. 

I was in the hospital for many weeks, and the road to recovery was just the beginning.....it was basically, in and out of the hospital, tons of therapy, and trying to rebuild normal functions like, speech, swallowing, categorizing, writing, balance, and so much more. 

I felt like life had handed me a bad deal, but, I was still alive and I was recovering quickly, thanks in part to my "young brain" from what the doctors said, that and tons of love, support, and prayers from all of my family and friends. 

So, I was extremely grateful and blessed, especially since my two young kiddos still needed their mamma.

It actually took me many years to begin to feel like I could function somewhat normally again, and now it has been seven years since my stroke, and I still have lasting disabilities, as a matter of fact, I've been on disability since that fateful day. 

I wasn't able to go back to work, and my main focus was recovery and raising my babies, unfortunately my marriage dissolved, but I have since been remarried, and my husband now is very good about helping me with my disabilities (so, I am very grateful for that)....life happens to the best of us.....

I wanted to write my story to share with my readers how a simple decision can change your life forever, and pharmaceutical drugs.....well, let's just say, I felt like a lab rat, being tested to see what could or would happen, well, now we know....

I hope from my article that you can gain some information about strokes, and how natural remedies may be a good alternative in stroke prevention and recovery. 

I do always put a disclaimer out there that states that (I am not a medical provider or doctor, and all of the information that I provide is my own opinion and based on my own personal life.)

Stroke And Traumatic Brian Injury... 

What Are The Chances?

So, what are the chances of having a stroke, or a traumatic brain injury anyway......well to be completely honest, a stroke can happen to anyone at anytime, young or old. 

Many people believe that a stroke can only happen to elderly people, but that is simply not the case, and there are some things that can increase the risk of having a stroke like; age, preexisting medical conditions, lifestyle, family history, and ethnicity.

So what exactly is a stroke....many people believe that a stroke is heart related, but that is simply not the case, it is actually a "brain attack" and occurs when blood flow to a certain area of the brain is cut off. 

Brain cells become deprived of precious oxygen and begin to die. 

When this happens, mobility controlled by the area of the brain such as muscle control and memory are lost.

But why do some people seem to recover and some do not......well, how a person is affected by a stroke really depends on where the stroke took place in the brain, and how much damage was done. 

For example, some people have minor issues such as temporary weakness of an arm or leg, they are considered to have had a "small stroke" or a "TIA", but some suffer from a "large stroke" and may be left permanently paralyzed or lose their ability to speak or more. 

Unfortunately some people never completely recover and more than 2/3 of survivors will be left with some sort of disability.

There is a lot of myths about strokes, check out this chart from the National Stoke Association to learn more:

*Image resourced from the National Stroke Association
*Image resourced from the National Stroke Association

Know The Signs

What can I do to help prevent myself or a loved one from having one.....well, the good news is that helping to prevent a stroke can be done with prevention and knowing the signs and symptoms.

First things first, time is of the essence when it comes to strokes, and every minute that goes by untreated, the blood flow to the brain will continue to be blocked, and the neuron damage is excessive, meaning a person will probably have speech, movement, and memory damage.

But there is an acronym that can help if you are ever in this situation....it is called F.A.S.T and it can save a life!

*Image resourced from the National Stroke Association
*Image resourced from the National Stroke Association

Here are a few warning signs to be aware of as well:

SUDDEN--Numbness or weakness of arm, leg or face, especially on one side.

SUDDEN--Confusion, understanding, or any trouble speaking or swallowing

SUDDEN--Trouble seeing out of one or both eyes

SUDDEN--Trouble walking, coordination, dizziness, or balance

SUDDEN--Severe headache with no known cause

Again, time is everything, and getting medical attention quickly can help save a life.

Why Is CBD Hemp Oil A Good Choice For Stoke Relief?

Well, here we are at the place in the article that maybe brought you here to begin with, why CBD is a good choice for stroke victims and their recovery....

 I hope to share with you the amazing benefits of how hemp CBD oil may help with prevention or recovery of a stroke, and what it can do to help.

New research is populating every day and thanks to these studies, researchers are finding that cannabis is a major contender in ways in which to prevent and repair a stroke. 

This research is suggesting two ways in which CBD (cannabidiol), from the cannabis plant may help.

The first way is in preventing obesity, and since strokes can be triggered by clogged vessels and arteries, from the heart the brain, CBD is showing signs of regulating hunger in studies done with rats. 

It is showing that they stopped eating when treated with CBD when satisfied. 

Bringing this information to the human side, it could mean that over eaters might be able to curb their food intake with the consumption of CBD, eating fewer calories, and losing weight.

The second way in which CBD oil could help to prevent a stroke is by removing some of the plaque buildup within the arteries, by encouraging the body's own naturally occurring endocannabinoids to fire and clean out the blood vessels, this may ensure that the blood flows normally within the vessels, and help to rid the arteries and veins of any obstructions from within. 

Thus, keeping them healthy and pumping the oxygen rich blood flow regularly.

Cannabidiol has already been under intense research for its ability to treat neurodegererative diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and proving to benefit those with Seizures and Epilepsy. 

Through this valuable research, it is showing that CBD hemp oil may have some significant promise in stroke recovery, especially in the crisis period, which is immediately following the onset of its symptoms. 

This is because CBD is showing signs that it can trigger brain cell repair and generation.

Some of the current research is showing that CBD oil can greatly improve cognitive ability and motor skills, if it is given after an onset of symptoms, it is also showing protection to other areas of the brain, which can reduce the potential damage of further issues.

 Again, time is of the essence when it comes to a stroke, and the same thing goes with the time the CBD is administered to receive the highest benefit.

Researchers are very hopeful about the use of CBD as a new therapy for stroke victims, especially since there have been no known adverse side effects from its use. 

It looks to be a positive neuroprotector to the brain cells, whether they are healthy or damaged, as well as a potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, which is a huge benefit to stroke victims.

CBD Has Been My "Miracle In A Bottle"

To close out this article, I would just like to give you a small testimonial of how CBD hemp oil has benefited me and why I can't go a day without it.

After I had the stroke, unfortunately, there was no offering of CBD to help me with my onset of symptoms and at that point brain damage, but fortunately I was able to receive medical attention very quickly, which I believe helped me in my recovery.

But, If I could go back in time, I would have definitely wanted the option to have CBD as a recovery option. 

Now, it is my mission to share with readers like you, the importance and reasons why this "little known herb" is very important.

Fast forward to today----now I take CBD hemp oil every day for my resulting and lasting effects from having a stroke. 

These include loss of memory, poor balance, "brain fog", nerve damage, anxiety, depression, sensory issues, etc as these are just to name a few. 

I can tell you with full transparency, CBD has helped me with every one of my issues and continues to every day.

I will be adding tons more information on stroke and CBC in the future, and if you are curious about which CBD oils that I take, stay tuned, as I will be adding my recommendations shortly.

For now, I hope this information was helpful and useful and if so, please forward it on to someone that may be able to use it. 

Please feel free to leave me a comment below, or if you have a question, I will do my best to answer it as well.




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